Your Elevator Pitch And Your Web Marketing Initiatives

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June 11th, 2012


Question: What does your elevator pitch have to do with your web marketing?
Answer: Everything

Your elevator pitch should include your value proposition, and your web marketing initiative should synthesize these througout your website, your eCollateral, your eMarketing and your Social Media Marketing Initiatives. If you are having difficulty articulating your value proposition or elevator pitch, try this. Create a recording of yourself reciting your value proposition and elevator pitch. You can do this using PowerPoint or your laptop/tablet video. How does it sound? If it isn’t succinct (20 seconds for a value proposition and under a minute for an elevator pitch), try it again. When you think it sounds good, have a colleague listen to it – or to you performing it live (or both). When you’re satisfied that it is working, check all of the web marketing materials describ3e above, and make sure they synthesize what you’ve said, into words that your prospects can readily understand.

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