Which Comes First – The Producer or The Insurance Leads [From the Archives]

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June 23rd, 2015


v3-thmbThere is a common theme among insurance agency owners, brokers, executives, agents and producers. They all want to grow their book of business, which invariably translates into an effective insurance lead generation plan. In some cases, particularly with larger and more established agencies, this discussion is part of a broader insurance agency marketing strategy, while in smaller agencies, marketing plans are often lead generation centric. Regardless, in almost all cases, every agency seeks better and more qualified leads. This creates an interesting chicken or the egg paradox: is it the successful agent who will produce good leads, or good leads which will result in a successful agent?

Effective insurance agency lead generation, or as some agents refer to it, pipeline building or the sales funnel, must incorporate several key elements:

  • Target Profile/Prospect Attributes
  • Suspect/Prospect List Generation
  • Data Repository (Contact Management/SFA/CRM)
  • Lead Generation Strategy/Campaigns
  • Lead Handling Process
  • Proposals/Quotes
  • Closed Business
  • Closed Loop Marketing/Lead Generation Plan Measurement

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Originally Posted on December 18th, 2012 by Alan Blume

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