What Watering Your Lawn Teaches Us About Business

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July 18th, 2011


This morning I was watering my lawn.  Between sips of coffee I noticed a little stream of water trickling down the driveway toward the road.  It zigged and zagged through the tiny abrasions in the asphalt, weaving its way along.  As it reached the road, most of the water flowed down the gutter toward the storm drain.  Some went the opposite way and pooled near my neighbors driveway.  After a few seconds of low brain activity – I finally had a thought: the path of least resistance.

Water is undoubtedly one of the irresistible forces in the natural world.  Its flow is constant and cycle unending.  However, at seemingly every opportunity, water elects to take the path of least resistance.  The fastest and easiest way to expend its energy, even if that means some flows away from the storm drain.  So what can we learn from water?

To be sure, I am not suggesting that we should always make the easy choice and avoid a challenge.  Water does not take days off and puts forth continuous effort, even against strong resistance.  For a great example of this concept, please view the image of the Grand Canyon at right.  From a macro perspective, this is a great lesson.  The unrelenting pursuit of your goals is an excellent formula for success.

Meanwhile, from a micro perspective, watch as the tiny offshoots of a river or stream  – or water from your sprinkler – seek an effortless road toward their destination.  The path of least resistance.   This concept can be applied to business – particularly to sales – as the selection to fish in a well stocked pond, with a big hook, and the most enticing bait.  This could be a tiny pond loaded with the fish you most like to eat.  Or a small section of a large lake where your preferred variety are plentiful.

Water constantly applies its full force toward reaching its destination – while always selecting the most effective path to travel.  If we follow this example, we will reach our goals.

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