What is Your Insurance Agency Website Security Score?

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July 21st, 2022


Insurance Agency Security Score

What is your insurance agency website security score? When is the last time you checked? You’re probably selling cyber insurance, meanwhile, how secure and up to date is your insurance agency website?

Fortunately, it’s easy to check. This website will check your security header scores quickly and at no cost: https://securityheaders.com/

Your scorecard hopefully looks like the score above. If not, and you receive a poor grade, contact your IT or website provider, and get if fixed quickly. If you want a second opinion or would like assistance, reach out to our web dev and technical experts. We’ll get your site current and secure and take care of these issues and more:

  • content options
  • frame options
  • xss protection
  • strict transport security
  • content security policy
  • referrer policy
  • permissions-policy

Contact StartUpSelling for a no obligation review.

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