What does your LinkedIn Profile look like?

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August 26th, 2011


If your best client saw your profile, what would they think? If your most coveted prospect saw your profile, would they be impressed? In my opinion, your profile does not have to be perfect, but it certainly cannot impede your ability to convey your professionalism and expertise to your clients and prospects. Here is a look at my profile from earlier today:

Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing

Every profile can use a tune-up, but there are a few things you will notice that I am leveraging to make this profile effective:

  1. Professional Headline – It is important to express your key area of expertise to both your prospects and search algorithms when you select a headline.  Including your title is appropriate, but it should not be the sole feature.
  2. Call to Action – Those who visit your profile and are interested should intermediately have an action presented.  In my case, there is a link to an upcoming webinar.
  3. Links – I have included links to our website, my blog and to a recent video.  This gives a prospect a variety of media to learn more about my business.
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