What Are You Famous For? Chowder? Horses? Anything? [From the Archives Feb 4 2013]

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July 31st, 2015


Saratoga Race CourseThis weekend my adopted hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY hosts the locally famous Chowderfest. This community wide event centers around a chowder cooking competition. Nearly every restaurant in the area participates, selling small cups of chowder for $1 to the public, and providing samples to a panel of judges.

Thousands of people come into town to sample the chowder and partake in the vast array of children’s activities, live music and fun. Local businesses benefit and many restaurants donate the proceeds to charity. It is an all-around great event.

But have people in Milwaukee or San Diego heard of our Chowderfest?

No! They instead associate Saratoga Springs with the famous, historic Saratoga Race Course. And for good reason. This 150 year old institution has played host to Presidents, celebrities and socialites since the Civil War era. It has earned its fame.

This begs the questions – what is your business famous for? What are you famous for?

Great service? Great people? Creative solutions? Competitive rates? Anything at all?

Originally Posted on February 4, 2013 by John Scranton

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