What are the Key Elements to Effective Insurance Agency Marketing? – Video & Transcript [From the Archives]

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December 15th, 2015


Due to the high volume of requests and inquiries, we are re-posting the recent video blog titles: What are the Key Elements to Effective Insurance Agency Marketing? For your convenience, we have also included the associated transcript.


  • Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Top Insurance Agency Marketing Questions answered live. My name is John Scranton from StartUpSelling.
  • As a very quick reminder and refresher top insurance agency marketing questions will be answered on a weekly or biweekly basis, including topics such as: email marketing, web seminars, website design, SEO, content creation, video, blogging, social media, telemarketing, analytics, you name it. If it relates to insurance agency marketing at least generally we would be more than happy to post answers for you.
  • So today’s question: what are the key elements to insurance agency marketing?
  • Our team got together recently and talked about what is the simplest way to answer this very question. We came up with a three words response: tools, time and and talent.
  • Tools meaning things such as a content management system, and/or blogging platform e-marketing engine, an analytics package on your website, web seminar technology, maybe a telemarketing program that has some type of software or reporting back end. All the tools needed to help your marketing and lead gen campaign go forward. You can find many or all these tools in an inclusive package with various providers but our recommendation is to find open source tools that are easy to use, easy to manipulate to fit your needs and can be worked on by many different people.
  • Second is time. A fully staffed marketing department like a big agency would have can manage these tools and leverage them for you. People who have experience in marketing, people who can create blogs, people who can write articles, people who can watch analytics and adjust your website marketing campaign accordingly.
  • But most importantly it takes talent. Senior-level marketing executives who can both manage these campaigns from a high strategic level and a lower tactical up. People who can create and execute, leveraging the tools and leveraging the marketing staff to create successful marketing and lead generation programs.
  • Companies like StartUpSelling or other effective agency marketing providers can help you if you lack the time, the tools or the talent by filling those gaps and rounding out your core competencies.

Originally Posted on March 18, 2014 by John Scranton

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