Webinar Summary: Qualify Your Pipeline with The Prospect Scorecard

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December 7th, 2011


Qualify Your Pipeline with The Prospect Scorecard

Presented by StartUpSelling, Inc.

Our Speakers: Alan Blume & John Scranton


  • What is it The Prospect Scorecard?
  • How do you currently describe prospects?
  • How do you create a Scorecard? (Live Example)
  • How do you use the Prospect Scorecard?
  • How to obtain your sample Scorecard
What is the Prospect Scorecard?
  • Quantitative Prospect Qualification Tool
  • Allows Salespeople to Measure Who Will Buy
  • Available via iPhone App or Microsoft Excel
Why is the Scorecard Important?
  • Objective pipeline measurement system, part of the 4-Phase Sales Process
  • How many salespeople have described a prospect as Hot? Cold?
  • What does that mean?
  • An 8 out of 10 is much more valuable
  • Accurate numerical scores show the true strength of a sales pipeline
  • “I have a bunch of hot prospects.” vs. “I have a 10, two 9’s, and three 8’s – with BUD”.
How do I create a Scorecard?
  • Determine the Attributes of your best clients
  • We suggest no more than 10
  • Examples could be:
    • Company Size
    • Geographic Location
    • Industry
    • Structure
    • Employees
  • Create  Prospect Qualifier Acronym
  • Lets see a live example…

What are our qualifying attributes?

  1. $2 to $50 Million in Revenue
  2. Have access to sufficient Budget
  3. Open to Outsourcing
  4. Insufficient Marketing Resources
  5. Specialized or Verticalized

Bonus Point: Referral or Cross-Sale

What is our Prospect Qualifier Acronym?

B – Budget

U– Urgency

D – Decision Maker

Other examples: BUNT, BUTANE, RENT, OUT, PUNT, etc.

Using the Prospect Scorecard
  • Run each through your scorecard
  • Measure their attributes against those of your best clients
  • Creates as objective value of your prospect’s likelihood to purchase
  •  This will show you who is worth your largest time investment
  • The Prospect Scorecard is one of the many sales & marketing tools we provide

Question & Answer Session

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