Webinar: Case Study Review of Highly Successful eMarketing, Webinar & Social Media Campaign

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January 17th, 2012


Our colleagues at StartMarketingTech are offering a complimentary web seminar on Thursday that will discuss eMarketing, webinars and social media marketing – all important topics for a 2012 agency marketing campaign. This presentation will not be agency specific, but will be targeting B2B salespeople which directly translates to commercial P&C and group benefits producers.

How eMarketing and Social Media Marketing Produced Millions in Software Sales

Join us for this brief, educational web seminar. Our team of marketing experts will provide a case study review of how an integrated eMarketing, webinar and social media marketing campaign resulted in millions of dollars of software sales for an emerging SaaS solution. The unique approach and hands-on methodology used has helped many software and tech companies grow the top and bottom line. We will be joined by the StartMarketingTech CEO, the author of Sell More & Work Less. Topics include:

* Building an effective target prospect & email list
* Social Media Marketing Strategies
* eMarketing Campaign Design
* Web Seminar Best Practices
* Integrated Web Marketing to close more business

Date & Time: January 19th at Noon ET

To Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/959508065

For more information: http://www.startmarketingtech.com/

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