Virtual Business Case Study: How the Virtual Business Model Improved my Performance, Enhanced my Income and Changed my Lifestyle (Part 4)

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May 26th, 2011


So how has this virtual model impacted me? Well, to be honest, I sell more and I work less.  My closing ratios have never been higher.  I close more proposals than ever before, and I close more appointments than ever before.  The keys to this growth and improvement are listed in the 101 Tips book, and they work for me daily.  They are allowing me to continue to expand our business at a rapid pace, without the added stress of travel or increasing my hours invested.

As all salespeople reading this are surely wondering, how does this impact the income of virtual salespeople?  I do not share the specifics of my earnings, but to generalize I can say that my income has increased and my expenses have decreased, obviously improving my financial position.  Driving 3,000 miles per month translated to about $400 per month in fuel expenses where I live.  Wearing business attire leads to $100-200 of dry cleaning expenses each month.  And the lunches and dinners on the road or with clients add up quickly.  I could continue, but I am sure you get the picture.  The key point is now my earnings are invested in my family, not my career.

The greatest change I have experienced by transitioning to a virtual lifestyle and using the virtual business concepts is that I now have more time.  The greatest personal resource we have is time.  We cannot purchase more and we cannot replace that which we have lost or used.  So limited my hours to 45-50 in a typical week allows me to have much more time.  And keep in mind these hours are spent working in a spare bedroom – so there is no commute to tack on to either end.  If I work from 7 to 5, I leave for work at 7 and return at 5¸leaving as much time as possible to enjoy with my family.

To conclude, I would like to state that first and foremost you need to establish clear goals and vision to succeed in life.  Once you have completed that exercise honestly, make every effort to align your career and lifestyle with those goals and vision.  And if you are like me and family is your greatest priority, the virtual model could significantly improve your life for the better.

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