Use Buyer Personas For More Effective Insurance Lead Generation

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September 29th, 2015


Insurance Lead Generation Insurance Agency LeadsI’ve discussed the importance of the insurance telemarketing script in insurance agency lead generation campaigns. Since you have only a short window of opportunity to deliver your pitch, you need a compelling script that enables you to quickly explain your value proposition and your top three differentiators.

Another key component of effective insurance lead generation is the buyer persona, which helps agents and brokers more effectively prospect niche market segments. By creating generalized representations of your ideal customers, you can address likely prospect goals and concerns and more cogently describe how the solution you propose is tailored to that prospect’s needs.

For each buyer persona, you’ll want to assign a name, a job title with key company information (such as size and type), and key details about the individual’s role. You’ll also want to include key demographics (such as age, gender, income, location), primary and secondary goals, primary and secondary challenges, and how your company can help this particular customer.

I suggest you engage your entire team in the process of creating personas. Include not only your marketing and sales people, but also anyone in your organization who has a perspective on who your customers are and what motivates them. Look for patterns and across your niche markets. Review all forms on your website and consider additional fields that will enable you to collect better “persona data”.

How many personas you’ll need to create depends on your agency and the number of distinct market segments you need to target. Between three and five for each segment generally is considered sufficient. Discussions, surveys and interviews with current and prospective customers also can be of great help in creating effective personas. Look for our next post as we further investigate buyer personas, and review the StartUpSelling Prospect Scorecard.

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