Updated Top 20 Website Tips For an Effective Website

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January 13th, 2012


Insurance Agency Marketing Whiteboard VideoHere is an updated Top 20 Website Tips to ensure your website is effective and up to date:

The Top 10 website elements that your organization should review when designing your website:

  1. Header, logo and value proposition
  2. Navigation (keep it simple)
  3. Page title, meta description, keywords (on page SEO)
  4. Unique design, color and theme & content balance
  5. Graphics, video, blog
  6. Download speed
  7. Quality inbound links, no-follow outbound links
  8. Call to Action!
  9. Analytics
  10. Conversion rate

The Top 10 Watch Out tips include:

  1. Beware of templates that make your site look the same as other sites
  2. Out of date content
  3. Out of date images and photographs
  4. Comingling of Personal Lines and Commercial Lines
  5. Vague or non-existent Call To Actions on each page
  6. Too many Calls To Action on a given web page
  7. Browser incompatibility
  8. Large graphics or Flash video with limited content
  9. Broken links
  10. Using design elements and features that make your site look the same as other sites

Once the Top 20 is fully reviewed, take the time to review your analytics, be it free Google analytics or a fee for service solution. What is your bounce rate? What are your top ten blogs? Are there certain traffic spikes attributable to web marketing initiative such as eMarketing and webinars? Learn the nuances of your site, monitor, measure and leverage your website as one of the truly important tools in your marketing efforts.

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