Twitter Strategies for Insurance Agencies and Brokers

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October 21st, 2015


Insurance Marketing With Twitter ImageMany agencies and brokers are now using insurance social media marketing tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook to extend their reach.  But what about Twitter? Can that be utilized to help insurance agents and brokers market more effectively? Can Twitter be used to identify leads and help build the pipeline? And does the Twitter strategy change if the agency is commercial versus personal lines?

Advanced Search

Begin with the Advanced Search function, which allows agents to enter detailed information to help refine a search of recent tweets. Agents can enter specific keyword information, such as words, people, places or dates. For example, your search might select tweets using the word insurance from users who live in Massachusetts, who used the word “moved”, in the last 30 days. Once you have this list you can use it in many different ways to generate insurance leads.

Connect with Influencers

Social validation is an essential aspect of gaining new prospects. People want to know that other people have worked with your agency and you were able to help them. Local influencers with active twitter accounts can help you with social validation and extend your reach in the community.

Answer Insurance Questions

People will often turn to social media when they have questions. Perhaps they are looking for more information about a specific type of insurance or they recently moved and need a new agent in their community. When you see these tweets, you can contact them by selecting the Tweet you want to reply to and clicking the reply icon located at the bottom of the Tweet. A Tweet box will pop up with the @username of the account you are replying to. Post your reply and click Tweet to send it to that user.

Once you have created an Advanced Search on Twitter you can save the URL and return to it to view new tweets. Though we still consider Twitter to be a Personal Lines oriented tool, there is a growing applicability to business. For example, Twitter can help drive attendees to webinars, improve website traffic, and extend branding for B2B oriented agencies. There are many ways to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with prospects and influencers in order to generate new insurance leads. And if you need assistance with insurance lead generation or to connect with more prospects online, contact the insurance web marketing experts at StartUpSelling  by calling (518) 222-6392, and receive a complimentary insurance lead generation review.

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