Trucking Agency Email Marketing

Trucking Agency Email Marketing

Our unique, trucking-specific insurance lead generation program includes targeted email marketing campaigns that yield compelling results. Each campaign can yield 10 or more agency exclusive, in profile leads depending on the size of the prospect list and the power unit profile. Best of all, we build your prospect email list, or supplement your current list. We handle all aspects of your truck insurance email marketing lead gen campaigns, from CAN-SPAM regulations and manual opt-outs to response forwarding, click reports, and more. We even offer training on lead handling best practices to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Who:

    We Build and Refine
    Your Prospect List

  • What:

    Email Topics & Content
    Activity Reports & Analytics

  • When:

    We Know Which Dates
    And Time Are Best

  • Where:

    Effective Calls to Action
    Drive New Business

Check out these lead gen metrics from recent trucking insurance email marketing campaigns:

  • Qualified Lists

    Anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of qualified prospects based on your criteria.

  • Click and Open Rates

    Our campaigns receiving trackable open rates that can exceed 20% while returning hundreds of CTA clicks.

  • Bounce and Unsubscribes

    We experience minimal list atrophy with bounce rates under 3% and unsubscribes under 0.2%.

Our goal is the same as yours – filling your trucking pipeline with agency exclusive in profile prospects!
Reach out to the trucking insurance lead generation experts at StartUpSelling for a complimentary email marketing review.

13.1 Leads Per Campaign – Trucking Email Marketing Metrics

Insurance Agency Websites - Insurance Agency MarketingCheck out these trucking email marketing lead gen metrics:

  • 3 Quote Form Requests per Campaign
  • 10.125 Click-Through Leads per Campaign
  • 13+ Leads per Campaign

Many trucking agencies have yet to capitalize on email marketing lead gen programs. StartUpSelling can help your agency generate exclusive email marketing and appointment setting leads. Start building a robust trucking pipeline today, to ensure great results in 2018!

Contact us at (518) 222-6392 for a 15 minute trucking lead gen discussion – and learn how and why other agencies are succeeding with this proven lead generation solution.