Transportation Insurance Agencies

Transportation Insurance Agencies

Appointment setting
campaigns average
10 to 30
Appointments per month for our agency
exclusive telemarketing campaigns
Truck insurance appointment setting offers the fastest path to a compelling agency ROI.

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Integrated Appointment Setting & Email Marketing for Trucking  Agency Leads
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Why Do Trucking Insurance Agencies Fail at Lead Generation?
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Filling the Pipeline with Trucking Insurance Prospects
  • Does your trucking insurance agency leverage telemarketing to set up in profile appointments with demographically selected prospects in your targeted geography?

  • If so, how successful are your initiatives, and is there anything your agency can do to refine them?

  • Are they producing 10, 20 (or more) in profile appointments per month?

  • If your trucking agency is not leveraging an appointment setting initiative, why are you ignoring this pipeline filling opportunity?

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