Top 6 Reasons Insurance Agencies, Brokers & Wholesalers Should Use Press Releases

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November 17th, 2014


Insurance Press and News ReleasesHere are 6 important reasons agents, brokers and wholesalers should incorporate insurance news releases in their insurance marketing initiatives:

  1. Expand market presence – deliver a targeted message to a broad target market
  2. Improve name recognition – make sure your prospects “know” your name
  3. Reach new markets – reach out to new vertical target markets or geographies
  4. Demonstrate expertise – demonstrate your industry knowledge, show that your organization is a thought leader
  5. Improve insurance SEO – insurance search engine optimization specialists have proven that press releases positively influence insurance SEO
  6. Attract attention – news releases (press releases) can result in well over 100,000 impressions per release, and are pick up by thousands of media outlets

Agents, brokers and wholesalers should take advantage of news releases and newsletters to expand their insurance marketing reach. For more information on insurance web marketing topics, email or call (518) 222-6392 for a one to one consultation with one of our insurance marketing specialists.

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