Top 3 Reasons Insurance Agency Telemarketing Campaigns Fail – And How to Fix Them

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January 20th, 2019


Insurance Web MarketingProblem 1: Bullpen – The bullpen mentality has long been a fixture in the telemarketing industry.  Pile cheap labor into cubicles, toss them call sheets and say go.  Better yet, off-shore to a bullpen in India.  This creates a bevy of issues, beginning with a noisy and distracting environment.  This is not a professional representation of your business.

Solution – A professional and articulate person working from a quiet office.

Problem 2: Auto-Dialers – When a computer manages your telemarketing campaign, your prospects hear clicking, strange noises and connection delays before they hear the voice of a real person.  That is, if the call is not dropped.  To be sure, this method increases the number of dials per hour.  But at what cost?

Solution – A system of best practices which allows a caller to actually dial the phone 25 times per hour.

Problem 3: Don’t Understand Your Business – Your business and products/services/solutions are complex and nuanced.  Your unique expertise sets you apart.  If your telemarketing partner does not understand your business at both a strategic (project manager) and tactical (caller) level, your value is lost and you are simply asking to submit a bid.

Solution – Engage with a telemarketing partner who specializes in your industry.

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Originally Posted on October 6, 2016 by John Scranton

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