Top 12 Insurance Agency Marketing New Year Resolutions

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November 21st, 2011


Here is a list of 12 important things to consider for your Insurance Agency Marketing New Year Resolutions.

Insurance Agency Marketing New Year Resolutions
Insurance Agency Marketing New Year Resolutions
  1. Your Insurance Agency Website is Updated & Current.
  2. Your Website leverages SEO best practices.
  3. Your Agency Value Proposition is prominently displayed and rapidly understood.
  4. You have a prominent Call to Action (above the fold) on your Insurance Agency Website.
  5. You have a professional and consistent Insurance Agency eMarketing Program.
  6. You have a Quality Prospect List with X-Dates.
  7. Your agency (or an insurance agency marketing firm) makes over 500 outbound calls per producer per month to targeted prospects (or you have another type of “drip” campaign in place to offset this marketing initiative).
  8. You have an Insurance Agency Social Media Initiative in place with LinkedIn and Facebook company pages and a professional LinkedIn profile for all your agency employees (and an Insurance Agency Blog).
  9. You have your own YouTube channel with pithy videos about your agency, products, services, solutions and perhaps some client testimonials too.
  10. You’ve rehearsed your elevator, telephone and voice mail pitch. You can quickly differentiate your agency and have a clearly understood “big 3” list of differentiators.
  11. You have a clear and efficient (and documented) lead handling process.
  12. Your eCollateral is Branded & Updated.

And you have determined how to increase your book of business with a clear and concise insurance agency marketing plan for the New Year.

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