Top 10 Questions About Insurance Agency eMarketing

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June 10th, 2011


If your insurance agency is thinking about expanding your reach with an insurance agency eMarketing program, it’s important that your agency understand the basics. In many cases an insurance agency eMarketing campaign is accompanied by a web seminar series. Before initiating your campaign, make sure you can answer the top 10 questions below. If you’re unsure of these, your insurance agency needs to further research your initiative to ensure you have the key components in place to run a successful series.

Insurance Agency eMarketing




  1. What are the quantitative goals of your insurance eMarketing program (and how will you monitor and measure these)?
  2. How large of an email list do you need, and how will it be targeted and scrubbed?
  3. How many  eMarketing Campaigns will be sent?
  4. Will you use text, rich text or HTML?
  5. Will you use a graphically rich email format (like a newsletter) or will this decrease your delivery rate?
  6. Will you send emails out using Microsoft Outlook or use an eMarketing solution?
  7. Will you track click throughs if using HTML emails?
  8. What will you do with your multiple opens?
  9. Will you run webinars or offer white papers or do you intend to offer a newsletter or promotion?
  10. Will you have a custom landing page for your call to action?

These are all important questions you need asked and answered prior to initiating your first insurance agency eMarketing campaign. There are many others, in fact we have a checklist of over 100 items we review for each and every eMarketing and web seminar campaign we execute. Don’t forget to review everything accidental use of rush words, Bayesian poisoning and the CAN-SPAM act before launching your insurance agency marketing campaign. It’s very important that your insurance agency eMarketing initiatives reflect  a positive image about your insurance agency. For more information go to:

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