Top 10 Google Tools For Insurance Agency Marketing

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August 3rd, 2016


Google providesGoogle Tools For Insurance Web Marketing some great tools for insurance agency marketers, most of which are free. Some of these are really well known, while others may come as a surprise to producers and agency marketers. These tools are easy to find on Google (just Google them), though I included a couple of links to help you get started. The Google Tools below are not ranked in any particular order. That said, I think every insurance agency and broker should have Google Analytics loaded on their site, even for those using platforms such as HubSpot.

Google Webmaster Tools offers a plethora of tools for insurance marketers. One recent tool that I’d suggest every agency and broker use is the Google Mobile Friendly Test. This tool is very easy to use, and determines if your insurance agency website is mobile friendly, or if there are any refinements needed even if your website passes the mobile friendly test. For agencies which fail the test, carpe diem, get to work on a mobile responsive website as soon as possible. For those which pass, but receive a list of issues, the test will help them better optimize their websites. My Top 10 list is below, there are many other tools available:

  1. Google Analytics: An essential website traffic and analysis tool for any agency.
  2. Google AdWords: Great tool for basic keyword analysis.
  3. Google Docs: Simple, free and relatively easy to use cloud based document sharing platform.
  4. Google Insights: Surveys, trends and other insight tools.
  5. Google My Business (Google Places): For small agencies, especially those selling within their community, Google My Business is a good place to be.
  6. Google Alerts: Track your agency, market, or any topic of interest with this simple and easy to use tool.
  7. Google Webmaster Tools: This is a package of valuable technical tools, such as HTML Improvements and Fetch as Google. There are two Webmaster tools which agency marketers should find very helpful, and may be unknown to most agents. They are listed below as #8 and #9.
  8. Google Mobile Friendly Test: Is your insurance agency website mobile friendly? How does it look on an Android? Are there any mobile related issues with the site? Use this free tool and find out.
  9. Google Page Speed Insights: All websites can improve their load speed, from compression to coding. This quick tool will yield multiple suggestions to optimize your website speed.
  10. Google+ Business Page: It’s free, it’s fairly easy to create, it’s owned by Google, and your Google My Business listing will link to this page.

I’d be reticent if I didn’t mention Google’s top insurance marketing tool — YouTube. YouTube, owned by Google since November, 2006, offers agencies a superior platform to share recorded webinars, executive briefings, videos, and whiteboard videos. For example, some of our StartUpSelling videos have been viewed by over 10,000 agencies and brokers, and we’ve received many inbound leads from our insurance marketing YouTube channel.

If your agency would like a complimentary insurance agency website or insurance web marketing review, contact the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling.

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