The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Insurance Agency Email Marketing

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July 14th, 2020


Creating a successful email marketing initiative can seem like a daunting task. If we drill down to the essential components, a simple way of looking at these campaigns is shown below:

Insurance Agency MarketingWho: Prospect Email List Generation
What: Topic & Content
When: Date, Time & Frequency
Where: Call to Action
Why: Lead Conversion

The key to successful insurance email marketing lies in the ability to engage prospects and clients with relevant information on a consistent and professional basis. The goal is to build a trustworthy relationship with both prospects and clients. Insurance agencies can leverage email marketing to extend their brand, to provide credibility and to demonstrate thought leadership. Beyond the email marketing basics of “Who, What, Why, Where & When”, digital insurance marketers should:

  • Assemble a high quality email marketing list and follow opt-in best practices
  • Utilize a high quality, cloud based, email marketing engine, which provides a simple and easy opt out
  • Create current and relevant content – don’t sell insurance – provide educational value
  • Make “Calls To Action” such as “Click here to register” simple and succinct.

Insurance email marketing is a nuanced initiative. Insurance agencies lacking the tools, time or talent should reach out to the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling for a complimentary email marketing review.

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