The Utica Boilermaker & 1,000 LinkedIn Connections [From the Archives]

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August 22nd, 2016


v1-thmbWhen I was 11 years old I ran in the Utica Boilermaker road race for the first time.  This 15K event was by far the longest race I had attempted.  With my father’s help, I trained for the race for several months, gradually extending my endurance to the appropriate level.  On race day, I was able to overcome searing July sun and finish the race, only walking once through a water station around the 6 mile mark.

As with any milestone achievement, my family was very proud and congratulatory.  Most of my friends were as well.  However, I can recall a couple of friends saying “You ran almost 10 miles in July?  Why would anyone do that?”  At some point over the weekend, I will surpass 1,000 LinkedIn connections.  Most of my colleagues will be impressed, but I am sure a few will ask “Why bother?” – here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. I communicate and interact with clients
  2. I am contacted by prospects regularly
  3. I discover new suspects
  4. I receive employment opportunities
  5. I learn about industry updates quickly

Each new connection expands my reach and improves the valued derived from LinkedIn in all 5 of the above areas.  Plus, accumulating connections is much easier than running over a hilly 15K course in the summer sun.

Originally Posted on September 21, 2012 by John Scranton

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