The Search Engine Optimization Triple Crown: Keywords, On-Page & Off-Page (Part 3) [From the Archives]

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June 30th, 2016


 [Saratoga Race CourseThe Belmont Stakes / Off-Page SEO:

The final leg of racing’s triple crown is the longest race of the series.  It is a quarter mile longer than the Kentucky Derby, and typically much farther than any horse entered has run before.  The makes the race a great test of endurance and stamina.  The winner is pushed to achieve a great task that seems unending.  Executing an effective and current off-page SEO strategy is much the same – its seems to be an unending task, however it can pay great dividends.

In 2012, off-page optimization has matured from link exchanges and directory submissions to the exponential leverage of quality content.  The best way to effectively improve your web presence and Google rankings off of your site is to place your targeted, optimized content is the venues your prospects (and the search bots) will find it – quickly.  This may include social networks, article directories or news release sites.  The key is to continually share quality content in right places.  This will seem like an unending task, an endurance test like the Belmont Stakes, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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