The Search Engine Optimization Triple Crown: Keywords, On-Page & Off-Page

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June 12th, 2017


Saratoga Race CourseOn the heels of thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown, I needed a way to explain how and why the SEO methodology we leverage produces such compelling results.  I needed an analogy my friend would understand, so I quickly created the Search Engine Optimization Triple Crown.  I freely admit its a bit of a stretch, but read on and I believe you will see the connection.

The Kentucky Derby / Keyword Analysis:

Without winning the Kentucky Derby, you have no chance to attempt the Triple Crown.  Its over before it starts.  Success in the race requires talent, hard work, and luck.  The same can be said for keyword analysis.  However in this case, we can exchange luck for more talent and hard work.  A keyword list must include the phrases which offer the greatest opportunity to your business.  This is measured by the probable impact on search rankings, and the value of the relationship created once you are found.

Like a Derby horse must have the pedigree for durability and distance capability, your SEO team must have a deep understanding of your business, industry and of course search algorithms.  When properly executed, your SEO will create name recognition, opportunities and revenue – just like a Kentucky Derby winning horse.

Please check back tomorrow for the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown…

Originally Posted June 12, 2012 by John Scranton

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