The Negative Media Problem

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July 27th, 2011


I visit once or twice daily to see whats happening in the world.  It seems that regardless of the date or hour, the headlines are always the same: negative.  Sad, scary, disturbing.  Nothing positive.  And I am not picking on CNN – they are actually my news site of choice – I am simply using them as an example of an industry wide issue.  Take a look at these 5 recent headlines:

  • Terrorist Attack in Norway
  • US Government Debt Plan Failing
  • Olympic Skier Commits Suicide
  • 8 Killed in Syria Protest
  • 32 Killed in S. Korea Landslide

Wow.  If I were just passing through I would assume that our planet was doomed.  However, I am not naive and I realize that covering these stories will attract readers online and viewers on TV.  What concerns me is the underlying issue.  Why is it that the general public is so fascinated with disaster and problems?  If we enjoy births and weddings more than funerals, why are we not interested in hearing more about exciting and happy events?

Just like McDonald’s will continue to sell Big Macs as long as we are eating them, the media will continue to feed our appetite as long as we seek to consume the fear driven stories the public apparently craves.  We cannot change this from a macro perspective, but we each have the power to change this from a micro perspective – in our homes, offices and social circles.

So effective today, I challenge all of you who dislike the constant fear, uncertainty and doubt cast by the negative media to change your personal perspective.  Focus on sharing 5 positive headlines in your life and do no wallow in the sorrows of the world.  When you do, you will be happier, and so will those around you.  Its one small step for man…

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