The End of Summer & The Beginning of Sales

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September 7th, 2011


Each year on this day there are two clear signs that indicate the end of summer.  First, nobody is around the house.  My wife is a teacher, and she returns to work immediately after Labor Day.  Second, nobody is around town.  The primary tourist attraction in my community (Saratoga Race Course) concludes its annual program on Labor Day.  Its always a little surprising to instantly transition from a busy household in a buzzing community to a quiet home in a small town.

However, these changes in conditions are very good for business.  They also signify the end of vacations for many executives.  No longer working remotely or checking in from a hotel, prospects now become much easier to reach.  And whether we admit it or not, we are much more likely to make major purchase decisions from our office than from the beachfront condo.  So not only are prospects around, they are in the proper mindset to buy once the summer concludes.

To ride this wave of opportunity, I always increase my hours and outbound call volume in the first few weeks of September.  This also works well for agencies as you begin to prime the pump and touch prospects in advance of 1/1.  So here is to summer, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  Now its time to rejuvenate your pipeline and finish the year strong.  Happy selling!


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