The Best Blog Entry of All Time

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July 6th, 2011


What makes a good blog entry?  Well an interesting and catchy title helps.  However, there are many tips and tricks that experts recommend, and since this is the best blog entry of all time, we will share several with you, because a good blog entry also must provide valuable content.  Enjoy!


  • Your blog entry must be long enough to provide a message of value, but short enough so your readers (prospects) have time to read it.  As a B2B marketer, my typical blogs are around 250-300 words in length.
  • Take the time to properly title, tag and categorize your blog entry.  If you have spent 28 minutes writing, take the additional 2 minutes to properly classify your post so readers will find your content.


  • Select a topic that you understand fully.  For example, I regularly blog about insurance agency marketing (I’m an expert), and rarely blog about horse racing (I’m a wannabe).
  • Select a topic that your prospects will enjoy and that will assist them with the challenges they face.  If you sell off-road tires, write about experiences overcome by properly equipping your vehicle with the right rubber.


  • Unless you are Google or a celebrity, your blog will not automatically attract a following.  If the blog is designed to assist your business, this is unacceptable.  Find the places your prospects spend time, and share your content there.  This could be LinkedIn groups, Facebook or a social bookmarking site.
  • Make it very, very easy for visitors to share your content and to subscribe to your blog.  This is a free way to spread your message and build your following.

Well we are approaching 300 words, so that’s it for today.  If that wasn’t enough info to make this the best blog entry of all-time, please check back soon for additional tips.

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