The 4-Phase Sales Process

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January 14th, 2012


Many years ago, in an attempt to improve sales productivity and forecasting while reducing ┬ápipeline subjectivity, I created something called the 4-Phase Sales Process. It’s been very effective for my businesses and my clients’ businesses, and is a process which can be used by essentially any sales professional or business. This process provides a simple methodology to improve selling, reducing prospect subjectivity and increasing sales efficiency. The four phases (identify, qualify, present and close) create a fundamental selling foundation, which salespeople and businesses can gradually builds upon. It is an effective process for both virtual businesses and salespeople and traditional operations seeking to web enable their sales teams.

The 4-Phase Sales Process is the foundation of my new book, Sell More & Work Less: Web Selling Techniques Everyone Should Use.  Salespeople and businesses can rapidly adopt and tailor this process to improve their current methods, helping quantify the sales process into a series of simple, measurable and easy to monitor steps. Within this process is something I call The Prospect Scorecard, a simple tool to help salespeople track and monitor the top of their pipeline. Some of the web sales and marketing topics in Sell More & Work Less include:

Integrated Marketing - Sell More & Work Less
Integrated Marketing - Sell More & Work Less

* Building your prospect database and email list
* Reaching your target market through email marketing
* Leveraging warm calls for quality appointments
* Expanding reach through Social Media Marketing

For more information, go to Sell More & Work Less or The Prospect Scorecard.

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