How To Test Your Insurance Agency Website Circa 2016

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September 19th, 2016


Insurance Agency WebsitesIf and when agency owners, executives and producers test their websites for ease of use, effectiveness and branding, they often do so on their PCs or laptops. Then some, might test on their mobile devices. Today, this is now backwards, with many insurance agency websites analytics showing over 50% of all visitors arriving from mobile devices, and the vast majority of those, arriving via smart phone. That’s why agents and brokers should all test their sites from their smart phones, and do so from both an iPhone and Android. Here are some tips on what to do and look for when testing for mobile compliance:

  1. First things first, test your site using Google’s mobile friendly test.
  2. Make sure your site banner is displaying properly, and that it is not taking up too much of the display.
  3. Check the links (like Contact Us or Get A Quote). Are they easy to use without zooming? And do your forms work correctly?
  4. Are the videos working? Watch out for outdated video like Flash videos.
  5. Are your social media icons working and easy to access?

Another important test which all agencies and brokers should do is the duplicate content test. Navigate to an internal page, and select a sentence from that page. Now copy that sentence into Google and search. If your site is among dozens of other insurance sites that are found, you are using duplicate content. This is a negative from the perspective of both your visitors and Google. A top priority for you should be to rewrite your content so it is original, unique to you and your business.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive
or if you need your website content rewritten by agency experts, reach out to the StartUpSelling insurance website team at (518) 222-6392 for a complimentary website review.

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