From the Archives: Snowed In? Here are a few ideas…

  • Posted on February 13, 2014
  • by John Scranton

A blog entry originally posted on December 27, 2010 after the infamous Christmas blizzard. Use your imagination to revise the dates, but the concepts remain the same:

Snowed In? Here are a few ideas…

Hopefully those of you who are snowed in have finished your 1/1 renewals, and were only tying up loose ends this week.  If you still have a lot of ground to cover, good luck.  Either way, here are a few positive ways to make use of the time you are stuck inside…

  • Start Your 2011 Social Media Campaign – Since all social media outlets live in the clouds, you can work on them from anywhere.  Start your corporate blog, LinkedIn page and Twitter account.  Post a few ideas and ask your salespeople for additional contributions.  Get the ball rolling before we hit the new year.
  • Review Your 2010 Sales Results – How were your year over year numbers?  While you are stranded in JFK, take a look and make sure you have a feel for the numbers.  Sales, gross margins, net profits all should be analyzed in detail and may be something you have not been able to find time to review.
  • Thank Your Employees & Clients – Email your best employees and remind them that they are appreciated and expected to contribute in 2011.  Email your best clients and thank them for their loyalty and ask how you can help them reach their goals next year.
  • Clean Out Your Inbox – I maintain a clean inbox because I am to some extent OCD.  But I believe starting the new year with a clean slate and clutter-free mailbox will benefit everyone.  Respond to clients and colleagues, delegate what you can, and delete the junk.
  • Set or Review Your Goals for 2011 – Have you put your goals for next year down on paper?  Hand-write your key goals for your business and personal life.  Add quarterly reminders to your calender to review the goals and track progress.  Make sure you include a few that relate to your family and personal life.

Ok – time to get back to shoveling…

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