5 Popular Insurance Marketing & Lead Generation Videos Viewed Over 40,000 Times

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October 16th, 2018


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These five insurance agency marketing and lead generation webinar and videos have been collectively viewed over 40,000 times. You can check out these popular and complimentary insurance marketing resources on demand, at your convenience:

·       Insurance Agency Marketing Plans: How to Insure the Success of Your Producers

·       2 Minute Sales Pro: The Elevator Pitch

·       Top 5 Insurance Agency Lead Generation Tips

·       2 Minute Sales Pro: Telesales Best Practices

·       Effective Insurance Marketing to Drive Leads & Growth

Whether you’re a $1 Million Agency trying to build your pipeline, or a $1 Billion Broker seeking assistance with a sophisticated Search Engine Optimization initiative, the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling can help. Reach out to us for a complimentary marketing and lead generation review.

Tips for Writing a Great Insurance Agency Marketing Video Script – Part 2

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September 21st, 2017


1View Part 1 Here: https://startupselling.com/johnscranton/tips-for-writing-a-great-b2b-video-script-part-1/

Keep it BRIEF.

Short videos keep the attention of your audience better than long videos. According to White Board Geeks, a video script should have approximately 150 words per minute. So a 3-minute script would be 450 words.

Professional Voice Over

Trust us on this. Do not waste time trying to create a perfect voice over in house.

Video marketing exposes your brand to larger audiences, captures the attention of your target audience and will help you boost your online presence. Videos establish your authority and credibility in your industry and will lead to increased sales.

Originally posted by John Scranton on July 17, 2015

Complimentary Insurance Agency Video Library

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September 5th, 2017


Insurance Agency Video - Insurance Web MarketingCheck out this complimentary Insurance Marketing & Lead Gen Video Library which is accessible for all insurance agencies and brokers. These videos and on demand webinars help agencies and brokers improve their marketing, extend their branding and generate more leads. The StartUpSelling library offers well over a hundred comprehensive insurance agency marketing videos including:

  • Marketing Automation & Lead Generation
  • Email Drip Campaigns For Insurance Agency Leads
  • Changing The Rules For Insurance Agency Search Engine Optimization
  • Filling The Pipeline With Truck Insurance Agency Leads

The library is available on the StartUpSelling Website or YouTube, and covers insurance marketing topics like:

  • Using video to improve insurance web marketing results
  • Creative lead generation and appointment setting strategies
  • Engaging prospects and clients using educational content
  • Leveraging webinars to improve insurance email marketing results

There are no fees to download or access this video library.

If your insurance lead generation or web marketing initiatives are in need of refinement, contact the insurance marketing experts to learn more.

5 Tips for Your Insurance Video Marketing Strategy

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July 3rd, 2017


Picture1Wondering what content to include in your video strategy?

  • Insurance clients have many questions. Use video to educate and share important information about your business.
  • Share big announcements. Are there major changes in the industry? New information your customers should know about? Changes in your business? These are all great topics for videos.
  • Add video-recorded customer reviews and testimonials to your website. This adds a human touch to your business and allows customers to feel connected while also establishing your credibility.
  • Integrate video into your email marketing campaign. Or, take a screen shot of your video and add a link to the video on your website. Email is one of the best ways to connect directly with your consumers and it makes a great way for them to engage with your content. This will also drive traffic to your website!
  • Demos, trainings, interviews and live event coverage are all good opportunities to share more information about your business without seeming pushy or spammy.

There are lots of other ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy so get creative!

Originally Posted by John Scranton on May 5, 2015

Full Motion Insurance Marketing Graphic Video with Kinetic Typography

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May 5th, 2017


Thinking about adding compelling insurance agency videos to your website? Check out this sample of a full motion graphic video with kinetic typography:

Contact StartUpSelling for all of tour insurance agency marketing needs!

Video is a High Priority for Effective Insurance Marketing

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April 28th, 2017


Insurance Video MarketingToday people are spending a large percentage of their time online watching video. This is uncharted territory for many businesses, and is applies cable to all devices including tablets, mobile phones and smart TV’s. In the future most people will be viewing content instead of reading it.

Video marketing provides you with an effective way to satisfy the need for information. Key points of video marketing are as follows:

  • Create fascinating content that will engage your audience
  • Enhance your content by using advanced technology and functionality
  • Include a call-to-action that leaves the viewer clear about what you want them to do
  • Share your videos socially to create the greatest reach

In the age of technology, it’s imperative for insurance agencies and brokers to deliver information that is easy to consume; video marketing does this very well. We all know the phrase – a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, than a video can not only paint the picture, it can convey your message with a new level of depth.

Do not ignore the opportunity of video marketing. It gives your organization a chance to be creative, captivating, relevant and to show thought leadership. Video is a must have for a current marketing strategy, engaging clients,  increasing website traffic and improving meaningful interactions.

To learn more about video marketing for insurance agencies and brokers click here.