Summary of Today’s Insurance Agency eMarketing & Web Seminars Webinar (Part 2)

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September 15th, 2011


Insurance Agency eMarketing & Web Seminar Case Studies
Presented by StartUpSelling, Inc.

Case Study #2 – Trucking Agency
  • NJ based transportation agency
  • Focus on large fleet accounts
  • Provide creative solutions for risk management and insurance cost control
  • Privately held
  • Many agents managed large books – needed to shift from a service culture to a sales force
  • Lacked a current and up to date prospect list
  • Sought to reach more prospects quickly
  • Needed to convey unique understanding of industry to avoid commoditized sales
Process & Solution
  • Engaged StartUpSelling to launch a highly target eMarketing and Web Seminar campaign
  • eMarketing Campaign
  • Procured list of 6,000 trucking executive emails
  • Scrubbed list to remove personal emails
  • 2 monthly emails inviting prospects to webinar
  • Educational and interesting subject line
  • Content is relevant and concise
Process & Solution
  • Web Seminar Campaign
  • Leverage external speakers – consultants, lawyers, advisors
  • Topics include current industry regulations and issues – Hours of Service, driver retention, fuel costs, etc.
  • Speakers do not promote their services, and they certainly do not sell insurance
  • Web seminars are brief – lunch & learn format
  • 100+ Attendees per Month
  • Reputation as experts
  • Relationships with speakers
  • Attractive to producers
  • Full pipeline of in-profile prospects
  • Recently closed a $115,000 commission account that refused to meet until they saw a KCI Webinar
  • “Our days of cold calling are over…”
Web Seminar Lead Handling
  • Web Seminar closes with a call to action
  • Website link
  • Case studies
  • PowerPoint
  • Producers call all registrants and attendees
  • Solicit topic and presentation feedback and gauge interest in the subject
  • Offer a complimentary consultation or review
  • Seek a web meeting with web seminar prospect
Closing Web Seminar Leads
  • Web Seminar attendees who are in-profile should yield an improved closing ratio
  • Leverage your webinar campaign as an indication of the service you will provide
  • Conveys your unique expertise
  • Remember they would not have attended if they were not seeking assistance
  • Patience is a virtue – and important to eMarketing and webinar campaigns

For more information, a one-to-one Agency Marketing strategy review, or a case study please contact: John Scranton johns(@) or

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