Insurance Social Media Marketing

Insurance Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is a powerful way for insurance agencies, brokers and wholesalers to extend their reach and enhance communication. Most of your clients and prospects are actively interacting through social media, and you should be part of the discussion. For b2b agencies, brokers and wholesalers, LinkedIn is often the primary focus, but it’s fast and easy to simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter using the advanced social media tools available at StartUpSelling. Don’t miss out on a great way to increase brand awareness, extend your agency reach and drive more activity into the pipeline.
  • Create a professional, branded company page on all platforms

  • Build contacts, subscribers, followers

  • Consistently post interesting and compelling content

  • Improve agency executive and producer profiles

  • Track progress with comprehensive reporting

Our social media marketing programs help grow your book of business by establishing a professional, branded presence on social media websites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to mention a few of the important social platforms available to your agency. We can help your agency share blogs, videos, case studies, product announcements, testimonials and more. And if you don’t have this type of important content available, we’ll help you create it!
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