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May 18th, 2016


Insurance Agency SEOBake a cupcake instead of a cake. Why? The answer is simple. Begin small.

You can bake a cake for several of your friends. But when you bake cupcakes, you show individual attention and commitment. Social media marketing creates the same phenomenon.

Client feedback is like oxygen for a business, and as the connected generation continues to grow, social platforms become an increasingly effective tool to glean feedback.

Social media has rapidly gained the attention and enthusiasm of many, and businesses can leverage their passion to generate feedback.

This process creates access to the thoughts and feelings of your clients and offers the opportunity to understand their needs and expectations. Examples of what social media can provide:

  1. Buzz generation
  2. Listening aids to hear client feedback
  3. Uncover potential issues & glean suggestions
  4. Generate client testimonials

Social media may seem daunting and challenging, but once initiated agencies will uncover great opportunity. To learn more, click here!

Originally Posted on January 27, 2015 by John Scranton

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