Six Important Tips To Improve Insurance Agency Landing Pages

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July 27th, 2016


Insurance Lead Generation Insurance Agency LeadsLet’s begin at the beginning, with a simple definition of a landing page.  A landing page is any web page that includes a data collection form with the major purpose to capture visitor information using that form. In online marketing, a landing page, can also be referred to as a lead capture page, lander or squeeze page. It is typically a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, an online advertisement or through a social media campaign.

Here are six important tips to optimize the insurance landing experience.

  1. Make It Professional & Branded: Make sure your landing pages are professional and branded. Consistent branding helps build trust and confidence and showcase your expertise and professionalism. Incorporate your insurance website design elements, colors, logo, etc. into all landing pages. If your insurance agency website is out of date and doesn’t convey the professionalism or branding prospects would expect, return to go, and start over. A professional, mobile responsive website is your first order of business.
  1. High Impact Value Proposition: When a visitor hits your landing page, they need to understand the Call To Action (CTA) immediately. Make it succinct and east to understand, as you only have moments to capture their attention and data. Here are a few basic CTA examples:
    *  Sign up for this important webinar.
    *  Register for our monthly newsletter.
    *  Download our latest risk management case study.
  1. Keep The Registration Form Short & Simple: Less is more when it comes to landing page registration forms. Focus on the essential data you need, you can always append more after the initial registration. Name and email would suffice in many instances. Perhaps company and phone is also essential. If you require 6 data fields, perhaps 3 can be optional. Fewer fields will result in statistically higher registration.
  2. Focus On The Key CTA: Minimize Clutter and focus on your key purpose. This is usually collecting the initial, requisite registration information noted in Tip 3. Reduce unnecessary navigation, multiple CTAs, and any other distractions.
  3. Determine Goal – Measure & Refine: Execute, Measure, Refine. Repeat. That should be your mantra with all digital marketing, including your insurance agency landing pages.
  4. Lead Handling Process: How will your agency handle these incoming leads? Do they need to be sorted, vetted and distributed? How do you want the producers to follow up on these leads, and how can you best manage the process?

Landing pages can help your insurance agency capture more leads, increase your email marketing database, improve your insurance agency search engine optimization, and extend your web marketing reach. If you have yet to explore landing pages, or would like a complimentary web marketing review of website and marketing initiatives, contact the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling.

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