Should Insurance Agencies be Blogging?

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May 22nd, 2017


Insurance Agency BloggingIt’s the 21st century and it is now time for insurance agencies and broker to begin blogging.

Agencies establish and build relationships on trust. Clients feel the need to trust that their agency is doing all they can, to protect them or their business. Blogging is a great solution for this. It helps build faith in the brand and image of the agency or brokerage. And more importantly, blogging accomplishes the following:

  • Brings the website to life – Most websites are like digital brochures. A blog brings life to the agency website with a dynamic appearance. Moreover, regular blog posts give customers and readers a reason to visit the site again. Agencies and wholesale brokers should also share blog content on social media sites and drive the traffic to the website.
  • More and more pages to grab attention – Each and every blog is another chance to grab the attention of a reader. Optimizing for search engines increases the likelihood your posts will appear in search results and drive new traffic to the website. Using targeted keywords and phrases improves search rankings.
  • Leader in the industry – By blogging, agencies can position themselves as a leader in the industry. A blog puts proficiency and expertise on display. Prospects and clients will instantly start building trust when they see value.

All the above caters to one specific need – engaging the targeted audience. After all the insurance industry is a “people’s business.”

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Originally posted by John Scranton on February 20th, 2015.


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