Sell More & Work Less: Web Selling Techniques Everyone Should Use – Now Available

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January 2nd, 2012


Sell More & Work LessSell More & Work Less is a web selling tips book revolving around my 4-Phase Sales Process which helps business professionals quickly learn and apply many new web sales tips and techniques to improve their sales effectiveness. Simply said, allowing them to sell more and work less. The 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process facilitates the transition to a web based sales model and the greater profit potential, improved methods of selling and more flexible business and personal lifestyle this affords many salespeople and businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing sole proprietors. Readers can replicate the 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process to create their own tailored sales process using the techniques explained in this web selling tips and techniques book.

Author Alan Blume was fortunate to be assisted by three “in the trenches” coauthors, Mike Lauducci, me and Andrew Blume in the writing of this web selling tips book.

Sell More & Work Less is now available on Amazon, the Kindle version is expected later in January. …

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