Saratoga, Shark Week & StartUpSelling – What Do They All Have In Common? [From the Archives]

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September 28th, 2015


We are nearing the midpoint of the historic Saratoga Race Course annual meet. It seems like the racing began only yesterday. Saratoga is renowned for attracting the most elite horses, trainers and jockeys. This is accomplished by presenting a schedule of high quality races with high purses over a limited period of time. The scenic beauty of the area is an added bonus for horsemen and fans. Lasting only 40 days, this exclusive race meeting seems to fly by every year. Meanwhile, the Discovery Channel is hosting something called Shark Week.  Apparently, this is a brief series that many people look forward to each year.  The appeal and the ratings of the show are dramatically increased by its exclusive availability.

So what do Saratoga and Shark Week have in common with StartUpSelling? Limited availability. StartUpSelling creates territory exclusive relationships, only helping one agency in a specific marketplace reach their objectives. In all three cases, the quality of the product or service is enhanced by its exclusivity – avoiding the dilution that takes place during over-expansion. Limited availability ensures you have only the best racing, the best shark footage and the best marketing and lead generation talent.

Originally Posted on August 5, 2013 by John Scranton

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