Remote Workforces and New COVID Strains: What’s Your 2022 Email Marketing Strategy?

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December 10th, 2021


Many Decision Makers

Will Work Remotely in 2022.

How Will You Reach Them?

Many executives have returned to their posts in 2021, but a lot of key players are still partially or fully remote. As flu season and new COVID strains emerge, prospects could be at home, in the office, or traveling, with less predictability than ever before.

How will you reach them and hold their interest long enough to get your message through the chaos? Email marketing is an essential lead generator and best practices are more important than ever. Watch this brief webinar and you’ll learn the key elements of:

  • Topic selection to grab your prospects’ attention
  • Subject line refinement to improve open rates
  • Effective CTAs to improve click-through rates

Avoid Spam Filters and Blacklisting with:

  • Vetted list development
  • Intelligent email formatting
  • Regulatory compliance

This overview can help agencies of all sizes, prospect types, and marketing skill levels to improve the quantity and quality of their email-based lead generation. Click the button below to watch now or learn more here.



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