Reblog: Using Gated Content for Insurance Agency Lead Generation – by Alan Blume

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July 21st, 2019


What is gated content?

Insurance agency marketers leverage gated content for lead generation, by trading digital content fulfillment for visitor information such as name, email, organization, industry, title, etc. The digital content can be offered through insurance agency email marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, blogs or newsletters, to mention a few of the insurance marketing vehicles which can be used.

Gated content specifically refers to front end form-based materials, such as articles, case studies, videos and white papers, which require visitors to provide information (fill out a form) before allowing access to that digital information. The form may simply require a name and email address, or depending upon the perceived value of the information, may require additional detail and demographic information about them and their and organizations.

Then what is ungated content? Ungated content presents information to the visitor on demand. Though there may be an option to sign up or provide information via a Call To Action, visitors can access the content immediately without any information required. [Read More…]

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