Quick Tips for Writing Effective Insurance Content

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September 17th, 2015


Insurance Web MarketingUse these quick tips to write more effective insurance content for your blogs, articles, social media posts and agency website.

Address Known Problems

You know your customer base and the common problems they have. Create content that addresses the specific needs of your ideal consumer in order to prove you are the agency/broker that can solve their problems.

Create a One-On-Once Conversation

In order to make insurance content effective it has to be personal. Don’t try to appeal to a mass audience with your content. Imagine you are sitting down with a potential customer and you’re talking to them about a challenge they are trying to overcome. What would you say to them to help them make an informed decision? Write at that level and you will increase the conversion rate of your content. Try to elevate the conversation (content) beyond insurance to business related challenges.

Don’t Focus on SEO

This may sound like a strange tip but sometimes people get so concerned with insurance search engine optimization that they lose sight of their main goal. Your main goal isn’t to get Google to like your content; your goal is to convince more prospects (and customers) to engage with you for their insurance needs. Focus on the reader first and the optimization will fall into place afterwards.

More Graphics and Infographics

People like data and they like visuals. Graphics add impact to the written word, and Infographics are a great way to merge both of these elements into one form of effective content. Creating more infographics will increase shares and open more avenues to syndicate your content.

Multiple Subheads That Tell a Story

People like to scan the content they find on the Internet. If you create multiple subheads that highlight the main elements of the content then you will increase engagement and conversions.

Creating content that appeals to your prospects and customers is a matter of creating content that is visually appealing, relevant and personalized. If you find that you are having difficulty creating effective insurance content, contact the insurance marketing experts at http://StartUpSellingcom or call (518) 222-6392 for a complimentary insurance web marketing review.

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