Published Ezine Article Views Surpass 40,000 Mark

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September 2nd, 2014


Ezine Author LogoStartUpSelling has published many articles on Ezine, the leading electronic magazine and article directory, for both ourselves and our clients. We recently eclipsed 40,000 article views, an impressive total for focused, narrow tail topics. Some of our client articles have fared especially well, gleaning thousands of views, with topics such as First Notice of Loss, Owner Operator Lease Agreements, and Truck Driver Safety Tips. Our own insurance agency marketing articles have recorded over 15,000 views. Some of the top articles are below, with their respective click through rates. Click throughs record anyone reading the article who clicks on one of the links provided at the bottom of each article, typically directing them to a website or landing page. Based on the empirical data below, agency producer marketing programs, and the impending demise of direct mail marketing have received the greatest interest (click through rates are in parentheses).

  • Should You Hire an Insurance Agency Producer Without An Insurance Agency Marketing Program (8.07%)
  • Insurance Agency Marketing And The Insurance Agent Elevator Pitch (4.29%)
  • Insurance Agency Key Performance Indicators (4.56%)
  • Are the Days of Direct Mail Marketing Dead For Insurance Agencies (11.02%)
  • Insurance Agency Web Marketing Plans (4.07%)

Inbound calls to our team or to our clients, are of course not recorded. Epublishing is an excellent extension for insurance agency content distribution, and along with blogging and press releases, helps deliver subject matter expertise and thought leadership to a targeted audience. Ezine has some stringent publishing requirements, including a 400 word minimum, and a non promotional policy.  Articles cannot contain promotional information, and are limited to a keyword density of 4%, for those agencies interested in insurance agency search engine optimization stats. Agencies seeking to improve their lead generation and insurance web marketing in the upcoming year, call (518) 222-6392 for a one to one, insurance agency marketing review.

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