Proving Insurance Agency Marketing Expertise

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May 31st, 2011


It can be challenging for insurance agencies to determine where to turn for quality insurance agency marketing guidance. Purported experts are often lacking in one or many areas, and it can be challenging for agencies to separate high caliber marketing agencies from weak imitators. How does your insurance agency determine quality insurance agency marekting services from organizations which do not have the requisite expertise, even though they claim to have a well versed staff and have created a professional website? Here are a few tips to help guide you on your journey.

  1. Proof – seeing is believing: Any insurance marketing agency should be able to demonstrate 10 or 20 (or more) insurance agency websites and insurance agency SEO projects that they have completed. Remember, if a marketing agency is good at telemarketing, it doesn’t mean they understand the nuances of websites. Further, even if they have a purported expert on staff, your agency must see web based proof of successful insurance agency SEO project to determine the validity of any and all claims. Also, the marketing agency should be able to demonstrate their proficiency by showing their own keyword rankings. If their own SEO results are weak, and their Alexa ranking is poor (over 1 million globally or 100,000 US for example) they are likely lost, and your agency is unlikely to glean quality website or SEO assistance from them.
  2. Metrics – it’s harder to fake the numbers: Review campaign metrics and the content from actual campaigns. If you are interested in an insurance agency eMarketing and webinar program, ask to see content from actual campaigns, and ask for the resulting metrics from those campaigns. An insurance marketing agency that is proficient in these areas should have many examples, going back multiple years.
  3. Content – content is king: If a marketing agency claims they understand both web marketing and your industry, they should be able to answer almost any question you ask with a blog or ePublished article. If the insurance agency marketing agency is light on content, they are probably light on skills or bandwidth. Review their website, their content, their blogs and ePublished articles, and you’ll get a better sense of their proficiency in the areas which you seek assistance.

The message in this blog is simple, prior to selecting any skilled contractor, ensure they have the precise skills and background your insurance agency needs to create and complete effective insurance agency marketing plans.


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