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May 25th, 2011


How to Design a Modern and Attractive Website Leveraging SEO, Social Media, and Video

Tip 1: Modernize Your Website
  • Must look clean, current, and professional
  • Quickly convey your value proposition
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Limited graphical and flash components
  • Increase functionality of the site across major browsers
  • Improve opportunity for SEO
  • Retain strengths of current website through renovation
Tip 5: Use Video
  • Types of Agency Video
    • Professionally Produced, Talking Head Video, Skype Interviews, Vlogs & YouTube
  • Makes website dynamic (which improves SEO)
    • Will increase avg. visit time & decrease bounce rate
    • Allows executives to quickly convey value proposition
  • Any video can be added to your own YouTube channel
    • Average YouTube visit nearly 20 minutes
    • Indexed by Google quickly
    • Recent algorithm shift resulted in a dramatic impact for SEO
  • 3 Times the value for 1 video

Please register for our web seminar to learn our Top 5 Tips and more detailed insurance agency web marketing information.

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