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Imagine That Your Marketing Is Better Than A Top 50 Agency

Imagine that your agency is one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced marketers in the country. Your sophistication, tools, time and talent drastically belie your size, or at least they do so at the current time. Though your commission revenue is perhaps under $10 Million, your marketing knowledge, execution and efficacy resembles agencies more than 10 or 20 times your size.

Every month you receive an executive report, a comprehensive 10+ page document detailing exactly what’s been accomplished, including your key performance indicators for leads and digital marketing. It would include details pertaining to your comprehensive marketing program:

  • Your Responsive Web Design agency website is up to date and loaded with quality content
  • Website traffic is growing more than 50% per year
  • Google Page One ranking for over 50 keywords and climbing
  • Competitor rankings are tracked and they are falling behind
  • Your email list of 10,000+ executive contact prospects is growing
  • eMarketing high quality content twice a month to targeted prospects
  • Your well respected monthly webinar series is well attended, and recorded for on demand replay
  • Two high quality blogs are created per week and one video per month
  • There are over 2,000 subscribers to your monthly newsletter
  • Your social media marketing campaigns are professional and continual for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter & YouTube
  • Professional press releases are published at least once a month, targeting your market plus 50,000+ news outlets to help your SEO initiatives.
  • Producers are receiving a significant increase in appointments per month, and you’re growing the business

All of these marketing initiatives are accomplished each and every month, even though your agency only employs as few as 10, 20 or 50 people. Your executive report is reviewed with your Senior Vice President of Marketing every month, even though you don’t employ a marketing VP or any marketing personnel. And each month a plan is made for further refinements and enhancements, until your marketing initiatives have become a marketing machine, helping to fuel the growth your agency expects.

You don’t have to imagine this development, you can accomplish all of these results, and can do so without staffing an expensive marketing department like a Top 50 agency. StartUpSelling’s Premier Marketing Group Members receive all of the services above, and a monthly executive report detailing the KPI’s which are important to their agency. These services are affordable for almost any agency wishing to invest in their future, and far more attractive and effective than staffing even one internal marketing position. For more information, contact StartUpSelling for a complimentary executive marketing review, or call (518) 222-6392.

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