PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 02, 2012 –

StartUpSelling is pleased to announce the release of Sell More & Work Less:

Web Selling Techniques Everyone Should Use. Sell More & Work Less will help business professionals quickly learn and apply many new web sales tips and techniques to improve their sales effectiveness, allowing for more free time and a better lifestyle. Simply said, allowing them to sell more and work less. The 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process facilitates the transition to a web based sales model and the greater profit potential, improved methods of selling and more flexible business and personal lifestyle this affords many salespeople and businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing sole proprietors. Readers can replicate the 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process to create their own tailored sales process using the techniques explained in this web selling tips and techniques book. Blume’s web based sales model levels the selling field. It allows almost anyone or any business to more effectively sell against better-funded or better-known organizations, once they embrace a more web based approach to sales and marketing.

Sell More & Work Less is Blume’s second business book, following Your Virtual Success. His digital marketing companies, StartupSelling, Inc. and StartMarketingTech, are privately held, debt-free, self funded and completely virtual. They conduct all business remotely, rarely meeting prospects, clients, or contractors in person. During his 30-year career, Blume has worked for both boot-strapped and venture-backed firms. His methods have always yielded significant sales growth results in short time frames, including one stint which landed him on the INC 500 list two consecutive years. Blume was assisted by three “in the trenches” coauthors, Mike Lauducci, John Scranton and Andrew Blume.

Sell More & Work Less is now available on Amazon, the Kindle version is expected later in January.

The 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process reviewed in this tips book leverages the Prospect Scorecard, which provides salespeople and businesses a simple and easy way to qualify, track and rank their best prospects. An Excel version of the Prospect Scorecard is available for free, the Apple iPhone App is available for $1.99 – go to for more information.

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StartUpSelling and StartMarketingTech provide web marketing and lead gen services for insurance agencies, professional service firms or any B2B company. We build the pipeline create effective Web Marketing programs, generate email lists, refine websites & SEO and run webinars. StartUpSelling and StartMarketingTech offer a wide array of digital marketing services including B2B Web Marketing, SEO, Telemarketing, eMarketing, Webinars, Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Website Development. Our two books, Sell More & Work Less, and Your Virtual Success, offer many tips, tools and techniques to help businesses with their web sales and marketing efforts.

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