StartUpSelling Adds Premier Insurance Agency Web Analytics Solution

StartUpSelling provides an extensive array of insurance agency marketing services, helping agencies improve their digital marketing, expand their reach and increase insurance agency leads. Many agencies lack specific marketing skills in areas such as social media marketing, insurance agency email marketing and insurance web analytics, an area of increasing importance as agencies embrace a web centric future.

StartUpSelling’s enhanced web analytics solution, leverages a team of certified insurance agency search engine optimization specialists, web developers and insurance agency business specialists. Clients subscribing to StartUpSelling’s Premier Marketing Group are now provided with an enhanced comprehensive monthly Web Analytics Executive Report, itemizing web analytics focused on key performance indicators (KPIs), some of which are noted below: 

  • Traffic rank analysis
  • Competitive ranking profile
  • Website Analytic KPIs
  • Site traffic, page traffic
  • Traffic by source
  • Organic traffic vs. direct traffic
  • PPC/CPC traffic
  • Average time per page
  • Average time per visit
  • Traffic rank
  • Page flow analysis and bounce statistics
  • Visitor Identification
  • Monthly executive meeting with recommendations

Each month a comprehensive, customized report is generated for agency executives, and reviewed with senior level StartUpSelling marketing specialists. During this meeting, recommendations are made to capitalize on website opportunities, to increase traffic, visitor experience and conversions. Content utilization, keyword analysis and blog efficacy are also reviewed. High performing blogs are reviewed, and if appropriate, repurposed for published articles, vlogs, and other online opportunities.

The enhanced web analytics solution is a new addition to the StartUpSelling Premier Insurance Marketing Group services. Selected insurance agencies are invited to join StartUpSelling’s Premier Marketing Group. These clients work exclusively with executive level insurance agency marketers. Members are provided with weekly update meetings to ensure agents that their marketing and insurance agency lead programs are regularly refined, and all marketing questions receive priority queuing, with immediate response to all inquiries. Premier Marketing Group clients are guaranteed services on a territory exclusive basis.

For more information about Territory Exclusive Insurance Agency Marketing Solutions call 518-222-6392 and ask about the Premier Marketing Group, which offers immediate response for all insurance agency digital marketing needs.

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