Moving To a Digital Agency Sales & Lead Gen Model During the Crisis

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April 6th, 2020


Producers, clients and prospects are all working from home, and may be doing so for months. Your agency sales and lead gen model must adjust. How can you ensure business continuity and an effective lead gen and sales process, without meeting prospects and clients in person. We can help. For over 15 years our own organization has been completely virtual and digital. We can help you:

1. Launch Digital Lead Gen Campaign (PPC, Email, etc.)Insurance Agency Marketing
2. Outsource Appointment Setting Services
3. Add or Expand Website and Blog Content
4. Create a COVID-19 Update & Resource Center
5. Leverage Social Media Content Creation & Posting

Agency executives and producers have a great opportunity to embrace a more virtual and profitable model. Web meetings, appointment setting campaigns, Pay Per Click advertising and a current and compelling website are just a few ways to help get there.

If you lack the time or resources to accomplish some or all of these initiatives, contact our insurance agency marketing team: