Make Your Insurance Website Digital Content A Sales Winner

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July 31st, 2015


Insurance Agency MarketingDigital content is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your insurance website. Digital content sells. Or it can rob you of stellar results. It all depends on how you select and display your digital messages.  Many newcomers to web page design confuse the idea of using digital content with showing flashy photo images or presentations filled with sales pitches. But digital content on your web site should go beyond photo galleries or video arrays.

Digital content is idea delivery by the words you use, the images you display, and the messages you convey. These elements must co-exist, be balanced, and be simple. Good digital content does what any talented seminar presenter does. It informs visitors to your insurance website. It holds their interest by entertaining them. If done correctly, your web site’s digital content totally engages your visitors.

3 Tips to Better Digital Content

  • Make it relevant – You do this by selecting your message makers to present one clearly recognizable idea. Your insurance website is your visual sales tool. What are your services? What do visitors to your website need to solve an insurance problem? Tell them so they learn something. Tell them so they get the message in a non-threatening yet entertaining way.
  • Make it Easy – One huge advantage to displaying your Insurance message on a web site is your ability to offer an assortment of “carry out” flyers. In today’s world of advertising, this is called Downloadables. If you overwhelm your potential customers with too many choices, you make it easy for them to walk away empty-handed. Encourage them to want your handouts by making them easy to download. Do not present a maze of links to different materials. Instead, have one link to your download page. When your website visitors get there, let them browse an alphabetical listing of options. Then, a one-click link embedded on each item automatically starts the download.

Tie It All together

If you already have a website for your insurance business, you first job is to asses how well your pages execute these three tips to better digital content. Find what is missing. Look for what is not simple or engaging. Then fix it.

If you are designing your first website for your insurance clients, make sure you apply these three steps. They will tie your design together. The results will give you a more successful business tool. Each message idea needs a graphic. Each graphic needs to show the viewer a message or an idea that explains what the words tell them. Both the message and the graphics must engage website visitors with how what you offer is relevant to their needs and desires. If your insurance website and digital content are looking old and tired, contact the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling to update your website with new, compelling and engaging content.