Looking to work with more agencies in 2023?

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December 28th, 2022


You need more at-bats with agency owners and executives.
But your time and resources are limited.

Our dedicated appointment and survey specialists will contact every in-profile agency to build your perfect prospect list. Each prospect will be invited to meet with you by phone or Zoom, based on their preferences and yours.

Insurance Agency Marketing

What can you expect for activity? Here are actual results of the trailing 90 days for a current insurance wholesaler project:

  • Outbound Calls Made: 2,961
  • Total Appointments: 59

That’s almost 20 appointments a month for this project. You can opt for more or less activity based on your target agency size and budget.

Looking to grow your wholesale business in 2023?

Contact us for an insurance wholesaler marketing and lead gen review.

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